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The reliable mixers
Dear Customer,
We are pleased to introcude our brand new developments, the precision digital gas mixer and its high capacity version.
The ExVA Ltd. is a testing and certification institute in Hungary. We test and certify explosion-proof equipment.
In Our laboratory, it is a standard task to produce gas-air mixture with high accuracy. Once who tried it, met the problem, it is a complicated thing. It was needful to find a reliable methode to mix the gas and the air with the following reqirements:
high accuracy, reliability, no wet and other impurities, not too high operating practice.
The Developing Department of ExVA Ltd. solved the above problems and developed a gas mixer family, which can fulfill the rigorous requirements. The precision digital gas mixer is a software controled, ready-to use, compact unit. Just select the the gas-air concentration, push the start button and the mixer will produce the selected mixture.
The precision digital gas mixer supports every tasks, which can arise in a gas technic laboratory from serving a gas sensor test to filling an explosion chamber.