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Precision Digital Gas Mixer
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The   precision   digital   gas   mixer   is   a   universal,   mobile   apparatus   capable   of   adjusting the required mixture of the gas, selected by the user, with air. The   apparatus   is   completely   automatic,   requiring   only   the   connection   of   the   selected gas, the air and the electric power. The   mixing   process   is   of   totally   closed   system.   When   the   specified   input   pressures resp.   the   possible   minimum   differential   pressure   are   set,   the   mixture   will   be   produced independently   of   the   ambient   pressure.   Due   to   the   closed   system   mixing,   neither   the ambient   temperature   nor   the   moisture   content   will   influence   the   produced   mixture. The mixing unit does not require oil lubrication.
Accuracy    of    the    mixing    apparatus    is    ± 0.1vol.%,.   In   the   whole   range   1   –   99   Vol.% can    be    changed    the    necessary    gas-air mixture without any additional apparatus. Technical parameters: - Computer controlled automatic apparatus. - Controlling: keyboard, mouse - Gas/air mixing range: 1- 99 Vol.%  0,1 vol.% - Inlet pressure: gas inlet – appr. 1 bar   air inlet  – appr. 1 bar - Quantity of the delivered gas/air mixture: 1-99 Vol. % 233 l/h-86 l/h - Mains supply: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Thus no oil vapour will get into the mixture that would settle onto the cadmium disc of the spark test apparatus resp. into the gap of the MESG apparatus, that would make measuring impossible.
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